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Sarah's song writing changed drastically when she started turning poems into songs and to this day the poetry of WB Yeats remains her greatest influence . It became clear to Sarah that good lyrics  direct and make good music. The musicality of Yeats' made her  first solo  album WORDS FOR MUSIC SURELY soon followed by her second IN SEARCH OF THE CELTIC TWILIGHT.  

Sarah now lives the the West Highlands in the glen of Loch Leven. The scenery, the people, their heritage as well as the  stories have inspired her song writing and have paved the way to new songs for her new album IT HAPPENED BY LOCH LEVEN. Her love affair with the Highlands goes back a long time, when she first lived in this stunning part of the world thirty years ago and was first introduced to traditional music when she visited the music shop on the Isle of Skye.  No wonder she surrounds herself with fiddlers, tin whistle or bohran players to share her message. And no wonder her music has found a home and friendship at WATERCOLOUR MUSIC  a haven of creativity with the support of  Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy. 

The Lake Isle Of Innisfree from the albumWords for Music Surely, 2012

To An Isle in the Water from the Album In Search of the Celtic Twilight., 2015. Published by the National Theatre of Scotland as part of the Adam Choir project.

The Low Road to Kinlochleven, from  the album It Happened by Loch Leven, 2019.

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