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In the 1930's a young Kinlochleven man travelled to Ireland to watch  a footbal game. There he met a beautiful girl and fell in love with her. He promised her he would soon be back to take her to his Highland village where he would marry her. A few weeks later he returned to Ireland and the rest is history. She married him and lived in the Kinlochleven  for the rest of her life. She first worked at Mamore Lodge where she gave birth to her first child in the room once used by the king of England. 

As she is waiting for the young man to be back a faery brings her reassurance. The song through the voice of the faery is a celebration of love, her choice to live a simple life in the Highlands as well as her joyful character that brought joy to many during dark times in the glen. 


Come away don’t be afraid.
Close your eyes fear will just fade.
I am a voice with a story to tell
Your story , your life in our glen.
There is a son from our hills.
He has no money but dreams.
Open your hand, show me the string
He tied round finger and sing.

Sing me the song of your love
Slowly dropping from above
Pouring down mountains upon human pain
You will be lovers again.

At Lismore House hear through the door,
A band filling the dancing floor.
Come in and waltz our sadness away
Until the break of a new day.

In the king’s room your new child is born.
Sleep we will mind him till morn.
Bracken is burning, people are dancing
It’s Summer and I hear you sing.

You sing the song of your love
Sweetly dropping from above
Pouring down mountains upon human pain
You will be lovers again.

One day I will return and find.
Broken hearts , sad and resigned.
Then I will whisper from your window
Words only lovers can know.

There will be lovers again
No tears will be shed in vain.
And through the doubt that love always brings
I will follow them and sing.

I ‘ll sing your song from above,
Your story, your life and your love
Love is a wait through a long dream of pain
You will be lovers again.

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