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Farewell to Loch Leven, farewell to my love,
I must now return to the land where the flowers have gone.
Oh Loch Leven no more, Loch Leven no more.
I know I may return to Loch Leven no more.

The strong will fight what they can and turn dreams into dust

The weak now will suffer the pain that they must.
Soon the victors’revenge will make my hearts more sore.
But pain now is to return to Loch Leven no more.

The day was gone,
The work was done
You gave me flowers

I'll hold them through my darkest hours.

Soon the december snow will drop dead and go.
And cover the wounded land where the flowers have gone.
There will be enough tears to flood the burn above
Will peace really be at hand where the flowers have gone.
Farewell to the water running down the hill from the moor.
The shieling is broken  winds blow through door.
Soon the names of the dead will die on other shores.

But pain now is to return to Loch Leven no more.



In the fields with the dead under a flower bed.
Shrapnel and broken shells will become flesh again,
And the bell of Iona will be born again
And travel home from your shore
For war to be no more.
I will give all the peace we made in the glen.
And sing to the innocence left by broken men.
The Arcadians will play and fill the dancing floor.
But now it’s time for pain, to see Loch Leven no more.



During WW1 eight hundred German POW's were sent to Kinlochleven where they spent thirty months until the end of the war. They lived in a camp above the village but soon mixed with the people. They  are mainly remembered for building the first road into the village known today as the High Road. In 2016 the village remembered how people in the glen gave those young men supposed to be enemies a Highland Welcome. Artist Iona Leishman painted a beautiful scene of a Kinlochleven woman offering flowers to a German soldier walking back into the village after a day of work. The painting has touched the hearts of many including  a Syrian refugee now living in the village to whom the song is dedicated. 

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