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Words for Music Surely is a selection of poems by WB Yeats turned into songs. Most of them are set to music by Sarah. The selection ranges from Yeats's early poetry (The Lake Isle of Innisfree, The Stolen Child, etc...) to the late poems (The Ghost of Roger Casement, I am of Ireland, etc... ). The songs cover the themes dear to Yeats such as the nostalgia for Sligo, his love for Maud Gonne, the Celtic revival, folk tales, the Irish identity, old age or death. The poems are supported by a variety of instruments ( mandoline, cello, piano, tin whistles, percussions, double bass, etc... ) but the key feature remains the interaction between the guitar and the fiddle. The songs are very melodic and inspired by Irish and Scottish music. WB Yeats was renowned for his strong sense of rhythm in his verse, and it feels as if all the poems needed was a tune. Yeats described some of his poems as ''Words for Music Perhaps''. With this album they have become words for music surely.


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